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Alan Philps left the UK in 1974 with a degree in Material Science to go and work as a plant engineer on the Copper Mines in Zambia, Africa. Several years in Zambia followed by ten years in South Africa left him with a wanderlust for exploring wild places. When he returned to England to work as a Quality Manager in the construction and chemical industries, he carried that fascination with him.

Having waded through the aftermath of terrorist explosions, faced bayonet-wielding soldiers, collected the bodies of birds who mistook pools of arsenic for water, he found the peace of the English countryside stifling. To counteract the boredom he started writing, creating worlds filled with savagery and darkness, worlds fit for heroes to conquer.

In addition to the Black Tide Series, he has written a number of short stories. One of which, "Sowing the Wind" was published in The Storm is Coming Anthology on April 2012.

The Black Tide Trilogy

This is a three-part fantasy series set in the kingdom of Dhuggerham and the Nagessan Empire, following the adventures of our heroes, Mark and Leaman.

Book One - The Maw of the Moon

The adventure starts in the city of Dulleth where Mark, a young wagon captain, lives. He enjoys his work; driving around the kingdom, buying and selling goods and sharing the profits with his employer,

The Black Tide Map

Barl. He feels he has spent his whole life sidestepping danger, but it's an ability that deserts him the day he meets Leaman. There is something about the tall Veltai warrior that Mark feels drawn to, something he can't quite put a name to.

When he agrees to drive a wagonload of Veltai woman and children north to their home in the Given Mountains, he imagines it will be just another job. When the Veltai are arrested at the city gates, Mark must either leave the group to their fate, or help them. His decision has danger riding roughshod right over him. He becomes a hunted fugitive, fighting friends and foe alike.

It's a journey of discovery, and one where his sixth sense for trouble is tested at every turn. With Leaman at his side, he battles overwhelming odds to prevent a power-mad sorcerer from bringing back the hidden gods, gone for many years. For most men that would be excitement enough for several lifetimes. Unfortunately for Mark, this is just the beginning.